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Mohamed ELGhawy


Mohamed El Ghawy


MOHAMED ELGHAWY is the founder and the artistic director of AFCA for Arts and Culture and Hakawy International Arts Festival for Children   in Cairo, Egypt. Recently, he has also taken up the role of artistic director for the Brabants International Kinder Festival – BRIK in Breda in the      Netherlands. Mohamed is a fellow of the International Society for the Performing Arts - ISPA. A Chevening Scholar, Mohamed studied cultural   leadership with the Clore Leadership Programme in the UK from 2013-2014 and he previously studied Arts Management at the DeVos Institute of Arts Management in Washington DC, USA. Mohamed is an alumnus of the European Festivals Association (EFA) and a MENA ‘cultural  innovator’ through the British Council. He also an alumnus of the Emerging Leaders Institute – APAP|NYC.

Born in Egypt, Mohamed’s background is as a theater director. His focus is on theater for children and young people and he is driven to ensure that the art work for the younger audience must be of equal quality as that which is made for adults. His goal is to make high quality performing arts accessible to every child and believes strongly that it is their right to enjoy, discover, participate and live such experiences with their families, schools, NGOs or friends without discrimination for any reason. Mohamed therefore produces shows with professional artists for children and young people and tours them locally, nationally and internationally.

Mohamed also has experience in teaching theater and has worked with many schools and institutions to design and implement their own arts education programs, long-term strategies and monitoring and evaluation systems.  

He has participated in many international festivals and conferences and as a consultant has delivered training in theater, arts education and arts management.


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