Celebration of AFCA’s 10th Anniversary

In 2014 marked the 10th anniversary of AFCA for Arts and Culture. Hence, as a celebration of this anniversary, AFCA started producing and touring its productions by professional Egyptian homegrown talents.

Support of the local Art Scene

After eleven years of experience in the Arts and Culture fields for children and young adults, AFCA for Arts and Culture is building the infrastructure of this field by empowering the local artists.

One of the main pillars of AFCA for Arts and Culture is to provide support for the local art scene.  
AFCA seeks to maximize the benefit of the talented artists by providing opportunities to produce a high quality work for children and young people.

Hence, the organization connects them to international artists to learn from their experiences and seeks to develop their artistic skills and widen their professional network.
Finally, AFCA offers an arena for the local arts scene to present its work that has been designed for children and young people.

Why AFCA produces and tours shows by professional artists for children and young people?  

  • To give access to at least 10000 children and their families from the whole Egypt and from different social background to high quality performing arts specifically designed for them.
  • To build and enhance the capacities and knowledge of local artists through workshops given by experienced professionals working with international artists.  
  • To enhance Egyptian children's and families' appreciation of Arts and Culture.
  • To promote cultural diversity and freedom of expression in the mindset of children.


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Our Location

10 Demeshk street, Maadi Sarayat (in front of Maadi Sports Club),



Mailing address

27 Mohamed Korayem Street,
El-Helmeya El-Gedida,
Cairo,  Egypt.

Contact Us

Telephone: +2012246734 35
Email: info@afca-arts.com